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tv   The Debate  PBS  May 1, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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this program is brought you by. her group. from norway's mainstream cruise for this lies the herd. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson. i am. khan. after watching austin kept coming up. police injured his pro russian separatist take over the state prosecutor's building in the eastern ukrainian city of sydney ask
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this was over in moscow the first may day rally on red square. since the fall of the soviet union. shinn fein leader gerry adams underestimate the nineteen seventy two ira murder of a widowed mother of ten suspected of being a british army uniform. and the car that runs itself on the road sooner than you think correspondence written test rides volvo's on thomas model it could be available to all he wants one. two. all all the store police injured engine yet stood as a crowd of several hundred pro russian separatist stormed the prosecutor's office. it's the latest step in the gradual takeover of
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the east and south of ukraine hundreds of her russian military system that don't yet have to keep it open wedding day and the molotov cocktails. riot police with stones extend remains empty gas. celcom complementary gift to take a bit too seemed to be fixed and finding nothing to maintain security forces and there's a little in kiev. outnumbered ten to witness it and many forced me to separate and occupied the building. can some as a team that controls the difficulty of a million people. the kiev government has admitted it helps control where the country. holmes progression minute and i'll keep my key buildings in more than a dozen fifties the coolest a battle to keep them made a mini marching with plenty of philip ii. we want to re unite to brush up on thought process that creates a powerful moments i want to use to be under
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the leadership of the end of krishna the self proclaimed shmuel course he now planned to put legal stamp are not controlled by holding a referendum on manhattan on independence from ukraine i'm in a standoff in the gut feel is just trying to appease separatist opinion by offering and national poll and ethan tries nation alongside the presidential election on may twenty fifth and the maintenance plan to ignore that night saying that by then it will be taking place in a foreign country in moscow for the first time since the fall of the soviet union traditional may day marches returning to red square. nationalists waiting russian imperial flags at times. cheering on president putin's ukraine policy hootie hoo boy awarded five bureau of labor medals the stairs to distinction first introduced by stalin in the nineteen twenties here in france no unity
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among the workers on may day the main trade union confederation is marching as they do often separate. some are more or less close the current socialist government reform has recipes for bringing down double digit unemployment. others more staunchly secular elsewhere in europe there were maybe rallies of course and a nice tumble did was tear gas water cannons as thousands tried to breathe the ban on browning in taxing square sporting hosts and guests most of these contestants face off against lights can be seen if council hurrying and turkish government can only do demonstrations in the current amount of this clamp onto it stands screenshots. prayer works and find homes elsewhere in the ccd stern sleeping pretenses attempt to breach police barricades i've been forced to flee ortiz was filled with tea against rubber bullets and
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more determined. the recent security fears. the turkish government shutdown costs of its temples transport system the leader reported forty thousand police officers and dozens of homemade pickles the entrance to the city some copics class. we wanted to get together and express or demands for better ones the right to be content accent and turn it into tirades class. hundreds of protesters were determined to mark international workers' day. the city simple declaring point. they're afraid of a necktie and the finish. in fact they did that last point the neighbors and we will never get the mail. identifying the net the texan was the host of months of planning protests lost it. unrest that snowballed into one of the biggest challenge is trying to stick to one's identity of who we are the first time since the nineteen seventies shinn fein leader gerry adams be spending the night behind
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bars. police have forty eight hours to charge the irish republican leader over the nineteen seventy two west belfast abduction and murder of an alleged british army in form and jeans combo with thirty seven year old widow and mother of ten. taken from her home by the ira kidnapped shelves and buried in secret. northern irish mother of ten team a convo was dissipated by the irish republican army just before christmas in nineteen seventy two. the ira admitted the killing in nineteen ninety nine and forty was discovered buried on that this speech in two thousand and three. the mother has told gerry adams leader of the irish republican greek shinn fein for decades saddam who was killed. two events. so the deciduous and we support. intuitively it
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people were injured. to comply with its talk of interest stop this by acting in the head of the ira's political wing. adams has always denied he was amanda that didn't stop him from becoming the infamous face of minutes and irish nationalism across the uk during the ira's nineteen eighties bombing campaigns. three decades of fun and it's green cap. the greeks like the ira wanted a unified on and protestants who defended the country's union with britain formally ended with a peace deal in nineteen ninety eight. sinn fein is called gerry adams the rest of the tt motivated. it's unclear how will both take note the power sharing government in which dean kamen the maths anakin assistant chief minister the traffic controllers only realize that malaysia airlines flight three seventies missing seventeen minutes after it disappeared from civilian radar. that's according to the preliminary report by indonesian authorities on the plane's disappearance a report which includes the law by giving
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these air traffic controllers the hope of ever finding the crop growing slimmer as rescuers continue to comb the waters of the southern indian ocean. toronto city hall describes it as a leave of absence. mayor rob ford was admitted to smoking crack cocaine. taking time out to seek professional help for his drinking problem. for de whose children are running for reelection. the look ma no hands department. volvo's ceo telling false and get computer controlled cars could be on the road open road but twenty twenty already. the swedish automaker plans to have one hundred ordinary people operating so called alzheimer's cars around the city of gothenburg in three years' time. the team invited falls and gets correspondent protest route
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the engine does that mean the technology ready for two thousand and seventeen in the will finally get behind the wheel. the pilot scheme is very discreet so as not to show other refuses and cause accidents. i thought. that happens is that they basically ignored. isn't he it's not automatic. this is just the right to me but it's completely. the debate forward to struggle but sweat about seventy homes that are sticking with the speed limit everything's going up and it normally is out of your cup of the polls but the systems of corrective doubt there's been nothing of interest whatsoever. it's something i have to use. well tested with sensing technology image processing radar sensor laser scanning and building up a picture of what's happening around the car so the slow popsicle places and control engineering behind it. unlike up among the countries has installed expensive rooftop
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senses small blue is taking much of its current on board safety features to control the co op. it believes the bush and could go on sale but the end of the decade. i think it totally has arrived it's the chorus. at the end something that really increase safety nets or firm belief. some minutes on foot but it's mainly a loss of two to the shore beach and although i think nobody. cash and consumed in the volvo color but twenty twenty mostly it's a must to the future getting the car to fund its own parking space what's not to like malcolm robinson to report it's time now for the last and get it the eye. on the it's been a rainy may day in parts separate marches for
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the traditional workers' days demos. france's main trade union confederation is divided. the best strategy for tackling double digit unemployment. some more in tune with the socialist government's performance belt tightening and loosening a lot of is markedly more defined and relaxed. neither getting huge turnout in a nation once known for its mass strikes are traditional trade unions losing their steam. all comers have one word on their minds globalization and how france is handling it with or without europe with or without the guiding hand of the state's case in point the workers that i'll stop last week discovered a gene he had for thirteen billion dollars on the table the struggling french engineering giant energy brown. we'll see if it's better to do business with them is anything down or take up the counter bid. german rock scene ends. either way his friends giving up part of its sovereignty. it's the best way to see french
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industry and jobs as may be false identity. examining france's many days blues movies talk about a french socialist party spokesperson cobain and the house again thank you for being with us thanks as well to stiffen movies of the french trade union confederation the cgt which is the majority union to oust him. thank you for being with us. henry meets co founder of the french and german energy policy advocacy group is to consider with more of what is clear in essence you don't end here will cause people don't want it we tried to be a promoter in german french relations his energy policy is the cause of death. then we can always join the conversation on facebook and on twitter. two hundred thousand demonstrators across france and did so in thursday for international workers day out and about with those marching in paris. and jet ski on. eighteen s have been
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divided into two main groups there was a group that reform is so thick and the dots here they're basically support the government not a cherry juice the costs to businesses and taxes on businesses to the tune of some thirty billion euros said they hoped that this would be to province and in turn generate new jobs that they say they hold some reserves at that it would actually be translated into more employment and better wages for people but the teacher mentoring remain hopeful and indeed in their marks. it's been a focus on those forthcoming elections and however this also does question and the source of all paid fifteen million and eight euros that's the premise in mind all costs has recently said the government will have to reduce its budget from within the next three years and it's this and fifty pence and that is motivating people to turn next to the second but we expect to be the biggest much but again the trains then mike said that translates into people that this market is taking place at the state as a basic be attached to it
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in march against privatization. they say the government is once again taking from the port and getting to the ritzy now let me also the brotherhood going on the field and they said that one to candidates using it to support the bank's big shareholders and a fear that the social welfare system of different states it will be more or less chance of that moral of the beach with the students to come to visit you feel that up. this made is about. daddy daddy shoot the state jason gauging the french have stayed very hands on in the economy. but the french state is withdrawing is as it goes marchers told our correspondent. so i must say that the newly. even if it was a very rainy day yesterday. fifteen thousand people more than last year because of the situation that the political situation is worse and worse in france so it made aires and one. among other ways for workers to
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demonstrate and to say we have to change the politics with this juicy industrial critiques from london to talk about awesome. here we have to change your open critique the podium places we have to stop asserts his leftist up to their tents and two the standings because the canteen in the standings leads to the programmes like awesome. today we think we recently had a change of government. is a new prime minister. he made a speech saying i take full responsibility for the belt tightening. this is. they said that in his politics his new politics is the same as before but the worst day in the wrong direction. so a new tightening the belt and the belts. it is not that it isn't the right way to be
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dropped. an economy today in france and to bring growth and we know that's a good post. there's no claimants and the violence we stay very high and continue to increase the spur of the criticism and we've heard a lot over the past week is that dalton is a good idea he should pay your debts but the timing is wrong. taking on the contrary we have we sing to me and becoming continue to accelerate it. and that means good team. companies in the margin to invest and innovate into. i am pulling my people. tom ended oc means making spending more efficient and that's where the economies of income from me really. we don't want to raise taxes again. still we need to make any more efficient. i am a sense of debris left in a scientist in your position the case when we had a dream you can use
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israeli government on reducing spending to meet the man it's cutting into town and our social system we meant. i'm in a very unjust policies. um amy did to improve the economy on the contrary he made it worse he didn't improve. um that was to lead him to varitek to sit me worse. tom bates it's not about the numbers beliefs about how we doing things and when we giving them. um and here i injected he's really gone to get the economy back on track to reduce the unemployment rates. on came to me sharing that and suddenly species are eventually going to race the dude does a lot of people who were who don't follow trends frequency and there would it be known in france in the demonstrations last time the massive strikes the fact that we haven't seen any massive strikes in the past two years is that
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because isn't just in general air of resignation. near. amount of resignation these heights because. we change presidents to two years ago nineteen do you can see it in two thousand and twelve the that there was lots of hope that this situation would change in employment initiative to present a threat to try. in fact be the nature of the politics has not changed. he chased the people that the nature of the poet to cause a change the reduction units and ease the i know. deployment of additional month of austerity centers team went on so on people are. a really sad today and that's the reason why there is no. i am lost and stations today the canaries me just ask you the conversation isn't the same in germany as it is
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in france dominated. what good is also tradition of action awesome photo today what is happening but said he would need is a very different economic situation bend and fonts. i remember about a month and invited him to be at an ad and its political arm of the grand coalition that. yes but that nothing in terms of condition has improved in the last months the radiation because the between the participants the soonest and this movement and its bbb their long term contracts to know each other since long time not going to cost it up so that helps but didn't. i was in two thousand at the conference where have the intention was upping the dominion funds needed to read it lacks times of yore i doubt that the tapes to dvd tape so the unions stable country who took it off to success on the true doctrine um i think at the moment
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they're quite happy that germany had it not because of gas today has been a wreck or something since tricky to use the lowest unemployment figure is therefore in april it's not two points to nine million baht. it's just too much but these are record figures of minutes since the patriots of this remarkable and i think if they use are happy the overt mean this isn't a new stove in the deity an option so they get to the bonuses of ten thousand euro to them under even more so i think that the union and is there you'll notice that. this in the trial of unions and jeremy on them and they don't have much to keep the juice to the gazette and the german model where that that the unions have a bigger say in the boardroom. there are fewer strikes but they have more clout. more and more strikes. the amount of stress
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and too many donuts as visible as in france. but it's a bit and they do is to write home about unemployment until a new woman say we never took a month the demographic aspect of this thing. and race to win lists creates one hundred and fifty thousand jobs to reduce unemployment in germany the affected population is decreasing so you create when you decrease unemployment so that people notice it because two years ago. french people may be news to many people made. lest we be so it's it's it's a very strong aspect of the things i do know and be vigilant because the drinks and uses a day off. a very soft and very soon. lucy against since i was so good today. these can include
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changing because they're doing. reacts to the game. i realize that they need to tune in to increase its other is to create growth and to consume to combine it into the present state xinhua news conference probably not that nice down there was this week in parliament of the vote his activity with the hymns to god. the yes vote for for proving that fifty billion on it was non binding it still was important both for proving that fifty billion and in belt tightening which includes the payroll taxes cuts that you mention. of course the next day. one of the boat. a large degree was taking a piece of paper ingredients in brussels france's sovereignty when it comes to things like where the government spends its money. what jobs policy it has no ties in with europe as
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friends and when you look at these issues was to measure but soft. i think i am. this is about our independence tories skin into markets reducing the debt eve is mainly in them being independent and financial markets we can't continue to pound piece to its interests on the day it's the second digit. in this tt. i'm still eats eats person promise about that. and we are in the eurozone and we have to be responsible about it there's no doubt about that conference has always been one of the aau team nations in europe. a full head being at the court he needed. i'm becoming policy and it is also one of the meat main issues with the next parliamentary election the next european parliamentary election. also yes it's also about on changing allegiances with this is his party's actually asking for our own and if we want them yep he's really all
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so different a different way of reading on the creek area twenty percent. we want to we won the us and investments from the investments in innovation the need to teach in town to be excluded in and thus does this mean for him important because. as a country where someone fifty six percent of the economic activities done with the state the state was such a big role. getting in the economy. come to you. to see the state as part of the solution going forward there is that number to hide it. i'm just a few definite part of the solution we can be a even if it's the philippines to don the company under the private sector team in creating growth in the mean jobs i'm a bit that's not going to need to be accessed not going to change because they are areas where only the sector only can have our own successful
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results when it comes to you that see me in the future and it seemed keen on nineteen sixty she didn't even know researching some types of research when it comes to investing in infrastructures bring its kind comes to securing our aren't the social model on a social system. i'm always seeking do that. which brings us to do a deal that saw them loomed large. this may day. it was just um mosque friday that we got the news that to ge and it cost him more in advanced talks to oust him the struggling french engineering giant to sell its energy branch to general electric this has been a counter bid by german rivals seen in some pleased to welcome at this point. so are of the mari editorial page writer for the wall street journal. on this made a welcome to the fullest and get today to meet me ask you were watching events of
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the past week when he learns about frocks. thank you for letting me i'm icing when it learned of the number one lesson i should say is that france is still not open for business. um you're in a context where the french finance ministry said the economy grew just about twenty one point two percent which is pretty dismal. i'm ten point five for that ten point four percent unemployment. um and that you know you would want a context in which grows in which private investment in which foreign capital are welcome in france and the message sent by diana minister mom works at a intervention in the gl studio is that no francisco the summit saw car cake. a it does not want. be open to two foreign capital and there's a big red flag and that's very troubling corn house again. i know whats going on. tom and i
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think i am in france is the first recipient in europe of my investments. come and sit on the moon to actually say yes to me again this is the french economy minister yes the french commune is to actually say yes to any dates we love them and throwing investments. um we need a solution fast them. and that will be will have to be some type of partnership. we most likely. i've known french company. our aim and we're just trying to find that solution that did the shoot here is not home and have waited many is coming from he really didn't do this situation the jobs bill ep sitting jobs the most about today being the people of technological know how. um i did pack things. eights baghdad is really comfy she gave the kids and a g e n and will continue to be a very strategic industrial branch or for the country in three years. let me give you a
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misdemeanors. yet when you are wondering i don't have to deal them to pieces under minimize the fact that this nationally. i don't understand this. everybody from the new racing from the international congresses they got nice he doesn't need your opinions that matter the season to console me this is in the historic possibility if we do this too would seem intent on stump to build up a fantastic training camp in what can benefit us to an empty tent and european champion. there will be some work for the french and we're all hopeful and positive terms. so this nationalistic christian novel problems that i think it may have bits we're talking the whole school was about the financial aspects and so i think we should get back to and that the union is to use my fingers fifty three farms in germany. in a lot of people on nonprofit to read it wrong to call this job if it continues to teach intermediate didn't even have
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even happened expression delegates the energy omelets we would be and that the prophet to add this is all glued together i think the total speak about that because people most time i've let my family. this is the center fronts where people are housed in the winter due to the student to teach or to have all this is all interlinked. we can go wrong did i i heard her remarks endorsement of the siemens option will or will get to the rest of the match them up the european open in european option for the rest will come back and as the rest of time with the thing to watch and has been to the report says almost sixty to nineteen eighty eight saddam hussein ordered one of the biggest mass as of the twentieth century. the end of the around iraq. he accused the country's border town of about two supporting iraq. he placed attacked with chemical weapons. the forty thousand
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people to like the space with coupons and twenty five years of use chemical weapons are still killing people. many children born since the attack penalty to speak or walk normally. unexploded bombs remain at twenty hundred years all i need discipline and continues to get a job the report says looks like that. i kept up call. cook a market for resume the false think it's a bit a sample of the stories we're following for you here on less than that. police injured. as the pro russian separatists take over the state prosecutor's building. in the eastern ukrainian city of two hits while over in moscow the first may day rally on red square. since the fall of the soviet union. mayday rallies around europe and in istanbul. tear gas and water cannons as thousands. we try
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to brave a ban on rallies in taxing square. and in addition fame leader gerry adams under rest of the nineteen seventy two ira murder of a widowed mother of ten suspected of being a british army informants. eye on all. i welcome the royal commission just joining us this is the false been good today. where are all looking at the issue of france's made the blues if you will of the questions about how to stop double digit unemployment. how to handle globalization and to bring your own home. is this possible deal that could really be a game changer for french the struggling french engineer in china on the table it's got several suitors. ge which is the preferred choice of the balls of awesome and
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the other. the german rival siemens before we speak against war panel would say hello to james cream this story has been around the world hasn't the council on the discussion in the american press with that of course the g day interests and also in the german press for siemens is a quick look of what's been said a lot of criticism for the french government's involvement in the wall street journal the north of the word they're saying that this isn't a feature that french economic governance since the end of the second world war d the season as it's known are the direct involvement in economic or business affairs i did the point that the failure of the earth and indeed the involvement over the government in previous cases recently such as netanyahu's that the takeover old tv motion blur. and it's still doesn't sleep so indeed there is uncertainty chris and susan boyle without certainly that is the case to end the german press and if you go has been talking to various articles for example in the dash beagle. we are
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that he has been pretty cool all at the same year old of stones in the icu to get in touch with the loss of siemens issues to pretend communications director and communications or in any case tigers. the goal for their part in saying this is the aims of the great economic makes an injury that has cost us a great nation so that's a very much and making of art are french speaking only. and to reduce interference from government interference. also this invoices and you getting the sense that the financial press each country rooting for their champion reason for their chunky rolls are rooting for the government's this to be stepping on from the beginning and all cost so another cover the top of the five country tour with them and as i can sit for ten years from them every weekend to torpedo siemens which is full and the second division when it comes to industry this too which is like unto their parts as it's not the finest hour when it comes to french. she probably won't read pointed to christ we mixed up with the welfare of one company so certainly i am
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in the german and us prices for good criticism for it is nice and calm peaceful so foreign to many thanks for the james at creighton. yes we've heard that the expression used a lot of this week to oust him as flagship of the french industry. let's talk about a just say hello once again scor pal festival. pro french socialist party spokesperson of the don't welcome back welcome back is what's different is up. um who is with a friend showed trade union confederation the cgt which is the majority union to oust him up and release co founder of the french german energy policy think tank in the us and thank you for being back with us and for moms and sore of a market of the aforementioned up wall street journal on its own route. you wrote quite abiding peace this weekend were inscribed on the wall to wall. whose official title until recently have been
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the minister for. any industrial up huge trends include a small petite productive. of fun and productive enhancements. can you describe him as the minister of industrial metal in france is a firebrand economy minister furious by the way at being left out of the loop on the deal making. he even had a car waiting for alcatel is false when you return from the us last friday to drive straight to his office whom i called it a kidnapping from the eye piece. on tuesday in parliament when gould was still seething. i wasn't really huge ugly argument since temporary and asking that the ceo about the new head of the french and given to mr but equally mr palmer and why question formerly instance nearly always told me he was not looking for any alliances. should the minister of economy said a lie detector test as
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offices. most all of you all very angry. the bloomberg news agency reporting that two of the head of ge france again now on the sidelines also don't strip to the us in february in fact that the state dinner told more ball that there were initial talks. when i can't ski team to reach second release abt me too and we know and i will give the babies anymore. her pride in this instance or was he really that much of the loop. ah well. on sundays and headed to send the book the treaty to come to be home in bed it has an eighteen eighties when an attack ships and an infant industries soup i am to stand or lie down he would be. i'm angry about not being truly milk. because if it's going to have the sheet impact on its own jobs and just lets them but also for all of this moment in a medium size companies the second taking me a lesson
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in it's going to have a huge impact on our energy policy for the forseeable future. um so i end this ny in the baghdad government was not time to be when we knew that austin was having financial trouble home is eased out of great concern to the government so of them are and you take the points i am not a day a i rejected because i seem to be i wonder why we saw the story in in bloomberg saying that suggesting that the ousted ceo in the awesome board had kept this a secret well why is that why would they go that route it's because there is this such a history in this government of the intervening in the hills of intervening in the end and private activity on the page you can conduct read it into two different for me at the ministry as soon as possible it's not like gallstones and g are the first case. your colleague mentioned yahoo which was scuttled the deal was scuttled because i miss
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mom insisted on a seventy mm x fifty fifty ownership between the french government and yahoo of of of that either of the company that is targeted for acquisition yet been in motion. um it said that the cia had that case at the level of hoover and indesign realizes them into the municipal level that area in response to a taxi part of the dancers who wants to maintain a monopoly on and services is the french government proposes things like a man taking over drivers with week's fifteen minutes. in addition for not using tear their maps and gps house which is the whole basis of what the innovative about. of the hoover. and then you had the case of of taking that wanted to buy a plant that was formerly belonged to a good year and then you today you had. i did in cgt union. i'm saying look to the french way is the way it is we worked three hours and we taken our lunch break and we talked for about three hours and you're not into
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chains are protected he had its own well as the titans ceo said the fuel if that's the french way well then the french way is also include sitting in cafes all day and enjoying a ten point four percent unemployment rate. the message that this ends for it at a talented nation with all the productive capacity that's been mentioned all that all intellectual property the insect repellent that it is in france it's going to waste because of this government it's really the whole than to let what we would call missed out genomics going back to that fifties model of the state mediating between unions and shareholders then and the meeting reaching consensus issue this season that's not. it became a model that responses to today's innovation economy and an ntu nelson is just one more instance of it and i want to make clear that we were not here to rome for ge because of our view no american. serve at nationals and we oppose this set of protectionism. if
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the american government where to where to impose it. so it really is a matter of time catching up with the way people do business in the twenty first century and the thing that that nineteen fifties model behind to feminism. he sits on the field. when i hear this news kind of thing because it's a kind of you know it makes me think of for the soprano mayo do you do repeat always the same thing do you hope it will become true but that does not the case that it can be awesome to use what is it's about time. when you bring to a david jones has learned that the true cost of them don't come too late. so the assumption that the cuts into because of today's economy. he concedes. still needs its townsville branch and it's going to brunch and floor. as for this gt today that debate is not between the american won on to john one one. this is not
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the debate the debate is how do we consolidate the group because it's the hearts of the print industry. stevie trends. the new club car park grounds does bono wants is a truck and will not under the previous government it had to be for a while partly nationalize disease was underperforming. nope it and there was a good time because sarkozy wanted a marriage between oust him and to the nuclear energy giant amoeba. that in two thousand for the state to create it gets into the cup so too. to help us something new stats with the help of the month we did today. to which it has programs to choose either in india in the telecommunications sector and he wants to get rid of it soon couple of pots and house them. and that's all. and the traded set it up so
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that's what's so what's the solution in round two today the solution to these i go back to our first debate said. continue to spin things bring the state's regions to trump the raid the command of trends. this is rough and she did awesome. suffers from a barriers. the dna of the commands them to soak up the base of proposal from having given much money to share all of those see us use these need to find christ's years they spent two one three billion euros to share all those missed the presenters and demand is weak right now so what's the solution view. do you do to deal with cheese. due to deal with state as siemens for her the minute ahead of the part of the laptop of nationalization in the state's offense that should get into the tippy toe to make political choices
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the clients of the summit was sent in to that in your editing and who is the sequence. it's the decent train set off once it's a straw so that the. instances are the kinds of awesome bands. so states should take its responsibility for. of course employment permit but also for the sake of one of the one of the most important industry groups in france to the drop in its duty of the future which is in the end it will recall reading the plans to develop the new guestbook ranks to the tram train projects it is with many projects we need to invest and it cuts into spending is best for the future because he didn't release the money to do was ring the jobs of the future that is the state is the same ready to spend
7:44 pm
the state house that come on expanding its investments and we haven't posted the trainee to production and just when we're looking at everything which can personally i am. tonight my impression that the search party has not expressed any kind of preference i think this is really about alms to cheesy decisions and in the bath cb jobs and imbalance. tom tom also including this in my care plan for our economy policy um and be a pain in energy policy that intensity again in three years so i'm like i can't judge a wet move will be decided on and jen's that the decision will still receive the house them in the end of the beaconsfield cup of tea tree company did the government hasn't ever and put them onto plate and down to respond to its kind in the most gentle generous with with the stain from handel's try his hand how
7:45 pm
hard she is on on them the government intervening to see the company beaches and to believe that wet stuff i was done they did the american federal government to save chrysler and gm was pretty successful use this movement may not be true repentance that the symptoms. i think one can get back to read as the greatest and two. and strategic european or commonsense approach and two consoles. white nose and mouth problems they cannot say to stay open union members said that. and there but why didn't that opened in germany there were it not smith summer but even though this spring at one moment with this co op. you have the capacity of twenty two and compile plants. one motive is not enough innovation in ohio he gets on and on and i'm not there. it does not have been a great year but that's the problem is that this is all the power he's even sold because you cannot stop the nifty it's a lot of negative price of
7:46 pm
people i can promise or enticement gets money to get rid of this money. so am. if you have to gasp are open for her and her song produces that robots next door for europe a few hundred millions to build it and then you need to cast a target or month and next door to put a product for you even get money to use the teachers to teach. this is her cooking team balance the wool market and there is little or no low or very little consultation between germany and france and also on the uk now to sew it to europe but whatever. what is clear that if they go oh four with the siemens proposal which i know the french president's press conference in january. cities like to see a franco german energy giants. and if you have a trade off with energy in one company. and building trains in the other is going to be a lot of streamlining and a lot of layups in the likeness of the dissident offense debate i think that the federal government doesn't vary on
7:47 pm
rule of fight but it is now finding a solution in two days that we can all full weeks with one for the dump ten years ago for a permanent and governments together hadn't it and does not make the problem go away when you go to the cal can only see some trends that eurostar has a total of two to two wasn't there to buy a house to see high speed trains in the major media built by siemens all of these investments and how houses hundreds of millions opened with hundreds of millions or billions and i cannot tell you the names but i know it from people who helped on scott's help and to germany but the companies you know of any of the names and they tell me i'm a god that they don't have to see the money in in the back there today that they need don'ts. and on the back and tells them what had happened within a key and in germany. can you tell me that in ten years you can still pay it back until soul had ended own daughter. for months and if you don't order to run and i still don't make any money so simple. so if there is no coordination
7:48 pm
i've been run the sport before. this is issued a number of home opens to two if one would have it to stop kennedy's new impulse but if you would have been german internationals who knew what cost to eight percent off your next work if it would have the europeans and needs dogs five percent. my stitches to keep bringing me into the deep end of the kids and looking at us. if you take the credit of the eight percent or better not take it if it had zero five percent you turn your back you cannot read one moment so if we have to have the european strategic. i know this will not be there they saw something. it is the point that we're not we're not talking about selling toothbrushes you're talking about. she reached infrastructure we do need to stay. and the state is odyssey sixty percent by now about that tells customers we don't know them but the basic rules of the markets are the same time
7:49 pm
as a to go back to the previous photo was made on about that due to the bailout of chrysler and gm. i oppose that. because i see a few it every time the businesses is in trouble the government. it just comes in and prevents it from going through how many have seen is a sore arm by that even if that is if she is structurally they know that that they did the position of the company. we've seen its market that hasn't changed if it's the way that their union and management really still it means means that productivity is low and and and um you know profits are high enough or or or it did demand is is i'm anti supply is far outstripped by the mass of the one buying what you have um they just would just be bailing out a company walter who wants to solve the underlying problem um and and this copy of the european court nation and i think that that that sounds
7:50 pm
great if it is to oust him and and and as a member of one and think along those lines. but if there's clearly a reason why allison shareholders and the effigies shareholders prefer working together as opposed to the men's they know their business better. um and deanne at the base of the known better than the french government on and we'll be fair there's a lot more overlap between the businesses even banned the business of about them so even if they do offer of three years of of no job cuts eventually there will have to be job cuts. if the situation was reversed by the way. again i'm not championing my national champion is the situation was reversed i would say i'll solution to it with the mensa this is not about. again it's not about national's and it's about. would make sense with rational but let's just get a reaction to her from going nuts again. the socialist party french politicians on the right divide that many pro european centrists pushing the siemens solution
7:51 pm
the new rules to restrict the front does the sign of european solidarity it will be exposing ourselves to terrible risks. if you do whoever gets to what was happening with our study and use it as soon as this but there are two disappears french businesses become prey to these horses are beautiful. that is not to take a france's former prime minister he of the conservative ump party one proposal because exactly celebrate the fact that schneider electric to find its largest competitor in great britain and the internet is becoming a global company along with tax and the bnz bank. bennett was the biggest manufacturer in russia. at the same time feel it's a tragedy. every time a french company to report on a foreign one quarter of the moment too. to take the points. i think it is today. this is something that we have to tough it out seriously have to take into consideration the fact that if we do when it was seen in
7:52 pm
solution we will have to face issues with that of tom monopolies. she had long track record in france and its partner in big groups are from three years in the leaves. yep that's that's why everything is on a table and we need to discuss it and given that the county saying clinton the best solution is to last them for it to its employees in for a car on the future of our energy policy. tom and newtown. as mentioned i would like you as he he he. eugene found a solution and come i am not sure that this is due. and we can't see this into account weekends we can sound the news oust him to train built in the build up an emt and industry policy. we need to start now on. and we bleed strategic policy of more globally and in a descending and hasn't been done unfortunately with peanut christ gave us anything to
7:53 pm
price the eight of the lack of on industrial policy in france and jingle as i can use in a conservative government and unlike the industry posted here. how can this be in a country where so many leaders come from the elites of a company technique so many of engineers. i think where we run that we haven't been to that it's not the problem of david lee is something in each company didn't get the problem is really about teaching strategically at the national level and any european of the one that hasn't been done since none of them. they knew it the most awesome this it was trisha. some should not be divided into because. and you will use it to do that to use incompetence is no house series as both solution just as this year. it's it's a failure. unannounced and already announced failure. i work for a society which is called out the swimsuits and
7:54 pm
smile. the company i work with the two. in nineteen ninety five because the budget cuts in from custom and know that twenty years later. we know it was it was not to do and that the core economy history of our content of the woods shows that you should not concentrate on the up of markets hard hearts the move with record company to do because when you are more fertile the dude in a few of that in the first acknowledge these two to work with and disrupt their own some specialists but the gist is that today the many projects i took a vote. both said they knew a gasp of plants and new two gb of the future it's his right knee and both pots of us them
7:55 pm
to be deep enough to fit into the garden for both being together. before we go. it's not just of france were having this conversation right now. british lawmakers saw robert re read the papers vowing to investigate u s drugmaker pfizer is one hundred billion dollars takeover bid of british rival astrazeneca in a bid to ensure scientific research and jobs are protected is the front page headline you can see of wednesday's financial times fight on for national champions in the top both and that is about pfizer and also about the being the awesome deal it's it's not just soar above mari in france there is this idea of national champions it isn't that's why these companies that are in a non competitive as long as it has had the dis the season as its business to set an industrial policy and tell companies where they should produce a common ep to people they should employ
7:56 pm
you'll have this recurring problem with these companies stumbling and and not acting rationally according to real price signals on the market and the realities of of supply and demand and as a result faltering and then did a canon five d as you have down the road of having to have. i have said that it has a bp spokesman from the socialist party is that you know what we really need to do is sit back and create a comprehensive plan. you know the vedas or revolution i admit that the deal and that the weather at all the things that we take for granted. didn't come by because the governments and said how should we plan the growth of the of the free market and that the free enterprise. people just did those things and often it helps if european policymakers being british or or or french or german or for that matter american policymakers before they sat down and say how what sort of rules should be set at how should the control things to say it we live in the heart
7:57 pm
if we did nothing and that's the way let's see it see what comes of it. not in the world in the case of the web that it was the research is that us defence department that i started to hate. we don't have time for that right now because we're out of time unfortunately i wanna thank you soar above mari for joining us for months now i think going not see john henry agrees and also for being with us from the defendant thank you for joining us thank you for being is here. the husband close the gap keeps you up to date with all the latest from the world of sport. all the action. all the results of all the emotion chilling got anything for his all round. cause i can't overcome
7:58 pm
and. i do. use. i mean. err
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no ch. opunake artsy it's
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this at the pentagon love this venue at taxpayer money how they spend my tax dollars on tours around the world. allow the military equipment that now being given away. in germany chancellor on guam are full of rides today and ethan seen this wall there's a divide between the us and germany over the nsa surveillance so what will be on the agenda the latest on the chancellor's visit coming up. half the capital protesters demanded the president stop deportation. they're generating perceiving that every gathering in response to a record number of